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Apartments Nikolica are located in Dingač, Peninsula of Pelješac, 95 km west of Dubrovnik. It is an ideal place for all those who enjoy natural beauties of the Mediterranean with its crystal clear Adriatic sea, and for those who like to dive. It is a favorite resort for family vacationers from all around Europe. Dingač and its surroundings are known for their wine growing tradition - grapes for Dingač, one of Croatia's best red wines, are grown on the 45 degrees slopes of the same name. This excellent wine has a strong taste due to the warm climate with plenty of sun (2,800 hours per year). For this reason and in order to enjoy the tranquility, many tourist come to Dingač Borak. Grocery store, post office and a gas station are 3km away, while the sea is 10 to 20 meters from the private houses. Enjoy the sun on the beautiful sandy and pebble beaches as well as on the rocky swimming areas in front of private houses. Pelješac is a fascinating destination for half-day or whole-day excursions. It has picturesque little towns and villages, a rich cultural and historical heritage, beautifully cultivated vineyards (especially those precariously placed on the slopes of Dingač), and many monuments to human endeavour and skilfulness.

Potomje is an old village located in the central part of Peljesac at 300m above sea level, 2.5 km from the sea, 15 km southeast of Orebić. Becouse of easier access to the south, with open sea facing slopes from Potomje was built 400m long tunnel, which is an extraordinary tourist attraction. Located in the western part of the wine-growing areas Dingač, Potomje is the manufacturing hub of the best red wines Croatian (Dingač, Postup and Plavac).

Orebić is a well known tourist center of the peninsula of Pelješac - with restaurants, bars, tennis courts and discotheques - a scenic 20 km drive from Dingač. For all those who prefer a more active vacation, Pelješac offers a variety of recreational opportunities in the sea: from swimming, surfing, water skiing, rowing and sailing, underwater diving exploration of various marine flora and fauna and archaeological sites. "Dry" recreation opportunities are also diverse: walking paths through the countryside away from the cars, cycling and hiking, especially on the highest peak of Peljesac - St. Elias (961m).

The owner doesn't live in the house which is rented. Walking distance to the nearest beach is 20 m and the types of the beach are pebble and concrete slabs.