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During your stay in Dingač, you can take field trip to Ston and Mali Ston, two picturesque towns, after Dubrovnik the most important and most fortified towns of Dubrovnik Republic. Powerful medieval walls of Ston that are still standing today, were built in 14th and 15th century and were protecting the estates and natural salt pans, the real treasure od the Republic. Ston is a traditional center of shellfish farming, abundantly rich in fish, so that you can enjoy oysters, other shellfish and various fish specialities.


On the other side of the Pelješac canal there is a forested island of Korčula. Illyrs inhabited the island and so did the Greek and the Romans. In medieval times Croats arrived. From 15th century and up until it's fall at the end of the 18th century this strategic island was governed by the Republic of Venice. Korčula should certainly be visited because of it's centuries long historic and monumental ambient, graceful urbanistic arrangement and architecture, with works of Korčula's architects and masons from 15th to 19th century.


Mljet island is the greenest island of of Dubrovanik islands, mentioned for the first time in times of Ilyric wars, and today it is a National park and a real treasury of cultural and historic monuments. On the isle of Sv. Mary in the Great lake a Benedictine monastery was built in 12th century.