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Island of Pelješac

The Pelješac peninsula is halfway between two Adriatic pearls, Split and Dubrovnik. The second-largest peninsula in Dalmatia enjoys a splendid Mediterranean climate, which has made it the ideal site for vineyards and wine making. Pelješac is famous also for its salt pans, which many depended on for centuries, including Dubrovnik and its celebrated Republic. The ancient defensive rampart completes a trilogy of Pelješac symbols. The natives like to call their peninsula "nature in its primeval form." Pelješac Riviera is perhaps the warmest area of the Croatian littoral, an aromatic garden filled with almonds, nuts, figs, pomegranates, citrus fruits and kiwis.

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The clear sea which makes Pelješac an attractive tourist destination, finds its way to the dinner tables of the area's visitors. Amongst the numerous fish, crab and shellfish species, special praise is reserved for the oysters. Mali ston is notable for growing and preparing this delicacy which is, aside from its extraordinary flavor and nutritive values, said to have also aphrodisiac qualities.